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SurveillanceThe backbone of most investigations.  The objective is to document on video a claimant’s physical activities as discreetly as possible. The presentation of the video to medical providers can aid in determining if the claimant is within their restrictions. It can add to the objective assessment of the claimant’s light duty capabilities, readiness to return to work full duty, or fraudulent endeavors.

The process that sets our surveillance apart from most of our competition is the multi-pronged pre- surveillance backgrounds that we conduct on claimant’s.  With the additional insight into their hobbies, businesses and family situations, the timing of our video surveillance is customized for each assignment for optimum results.

We prep all assignments using private subscription data sources that are considered in the investigative industry to be premier data providers, with each having their own strengths for providing data.  The type of information that can be revealed includes address verification, bankruptcies, property foreclosure, relationships and relatives, business ownership, prior or previous employers, and possible criminal records. Numerous social networking sites and online profiles are searched for photos and information.

 We have the resources available to respond to a request immediately with a Plan of Action (POA). We analyze all documents and elicit all relevant information on the issue and employee and act upon the request for place and time of surveillance.  When requested, our management provides advice and direction regarding date, time and place of surveillance based on prior experience with similar issues.