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Pretty mixed race woman taking a selfie in New York, Brooklyn Bridge in the background - Beautiful girl walking on the streets of NY and photographing some landmarksThe DIG Social Media Search provides automated in-depth internet mining research to locate an individual’s profiles and mentions that can reveal employment, businesses and endeavors that exceed medical restrictions.  Once our algorithm gathers information from the web and details the matching identifiers, the results are parsed into usable information though analytics and cross referencing with proprietary data sources.  The results are dynamic.  We offer ongoing monitoring of the relevant sites for any new postings or change in status. Your claim files are not static and neither is our Social Media monitoring.

We search for indications of Pressure, Opportunity and Rationalization.  This is where we are looking for signs that the claimant embellished the extent of the injury, is under reporting  the medical progress they have made or fraudulent endeavors.

We do not just look for information of what the subject posted, but also what their friends and family might have revealed about the claimant’s past or future activities.   We search not just for the obvious pictures of water skiing and golf, but also for indicators and factors that can impact a claim.

The context for the research focuses on information that will create a profile of what the claimant might have done just prior to, during or subsequent to the claim.