Mission: Deliver the results of a thorough investigation, fast, secure and clearly.

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Some Investigation companies try to have customers believe that focusing on the speed of report submissions and updates somehow can diminish the ability to conduct a thorough investigation.  Their argument is that the results of an investigation can’t be rushed.  An investigation takes time.  An investigation is an art, with a beginning but no known end.  Their view is that the end occurs when it occurs, like the last brush stroke on a painting.  These other companies try to say they are like an artist and need to have the control of the time table; otherwise, they are just painting by the numbers.  They argue that forcing an investigator to meet exact deadlines somehow compromises their abilities and artistic integrity.

At Defense Investigators Group we produce masterpiece original investigations, but we deliver them with the paint still wet.

There is no negating the significance of smart investigations with video and good documentation, but as an investigation company that is what we are supposed to do.  That is our profession, not our mission.

There are no short cuts in procedure in order to speed an investigation. Thoroughness is our method, not our mission.

Ethical standards are central to our conduct. Our morals are our compass and social obligation, not our mission.

Delivering the results of a solid investigation to our clients quickly- that is our mission.