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The investigation process of locating someone can sometimes be as simple as a few clicks on the right web page.  Other times, it can be more complex and require the combination of multiple investigative techniques. dig-locate


Not all locates need the same in-depth analysis.  The most cost effective approach we have developed is to break the process into phases to first identify files that will need more, or less resources.


It is unnecessary to canvass a neighborhood to locate a person who is listed in a street listing.  But locating someone in a homeless shelter can’t be done over the internet.  By identifying early in the process, which files will need more effort, it saves costs of unnecessary steps.


Defense Investigators Group has developed a system that breaks down subject’s of a locate into four general groups-


  • The most are Main Streamers. They leave a public record trail of their current address, updating their records in a timely manner if they do move and generally want to be found by anyone looking for them.


  • Next are the Transient, who by lifestyle leave a jumble of incongruent addresses and contact information, not on purpose, but as a result of issues such as eviction, joblessness, arrests, or a tumultuous family situation. They are not hiding or avoiding anyone, but don’t keep any of their address changes current.


  • There are Hiders. They are proactively using only P.O. Boxes, addresses of their relatives and carefully avoiding any use of their address information. These people can be from many spectrums of society; the wealthy who use trusts and Limited Liability Corps to own property and a lawyer’s office for a legal address; or the person who deals in cash and has a libertarian streak about them and purposely use aliases and misleading addresses.


  • Then there are the Protected. This group includes police officers, victims of abuse in shelters and some celebrities. There are systemic blocks in place to protect the easy dissemination of the addresses for individuals in this category.