FECA Investigations

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As a GSA Contractor we are committed to helping Federal Agencies see savings from their FECA chargeback’s and projected costs. By integrating our professional investigation team into the process, you will offset the money spent on malingering, abusive, or fraudulent claims, several times over.  Not all “red flag” claims will meet the thresholds necessary for fraud; so you need a company with Administrative Investigation experience to assist with moving the claims off the roles administratively.

Surveillance can document a claimant’s display of inconsistencies in physical behavior from that which is still being alleged. This can show when the disability for which compensation was paid has ceased.

Activity Checks and Field Reviews for Assessment of Administrative Action can find other factors that might cause the disabling condition, showing that it is no longer causally related to employment.

Video of a claimant engaged in activities that are comparable in duties as to what is being offered as suitable work, can negate a disabled employees entitlement to compensation.

When the weight of the evidence establishes that fraud is present a well documented investigation can be tantamount to a successful prosecution.