Coverage Area

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We have the ability to get the job done anywhere there is an assignment; in an urban settings, amongst suburban sprawl or on a rural landscape.

Historically we have been able to get assignments done throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and several European nations.  No company has an employee in every area, and we are no exception.  If there is an area where you have a concentration of claims, we will hire and train the staff necessary for long term operational needs.  But for the occasional wayward claimant that needs to be checked upon, we commute from other areas.

Our objective is to be consistent in the implementation of professional investigative techniques regardless of where, when or by whom. The result of that effort is evident in the solid documentation provided for decision making on claims and combating fraud.  We fight fraud with the same enthusiasm and zeal as those who commit it.

We conduct investigations in high rises, factories, gated communities, trailer parks, offices and open fields.  With investigators licensed and dispersed throughout the United States, and near 75% of the population, if you have a claim, you can count on us to get it done.