Background Checks

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The type of background checks warranted for FECA claims investigations is not the same as that for security purposes.  Most is done from desktop and telephone.  For a security purpose, a background check determines character so as to predict the likelihood of an individual presenting a future risk.

Claims investigation background checks do not need to predict the future, nor determine the character of an individual.  The items of focus for claims backgrounds are limited to-

  •  Financial, family and social pressures that might impact malingering.
  • Participation in activities that are outside medical restrictions
  • Current dependants’ status
  • Indications that the injury is at a medical end treatment.
  • The facts of an injury, information about preexisting conditions.
  • Activities that indicate a fraudulent claim.

Checking the largest public and proprietary databases available, this is a service that overlaps surveillance. Confirming that a claimant resides in a home before starting surveillance is standard operating procedure. If the claimant has moved, then the records research and activity check services take over.   Research is conducted to include numerous social networking sites and online profiles will be searched for photos and information – not just information of what the claimant posted, but also what their friends and family might have revealed about the claimant’s past or future activities.   Search not just for the obvious pictures of water skiing and golf, but also for more subtle factors that affect a claim.