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Started in Massachusetts in 1990, Defense Investigators Group (DIG) has grown into a national presence and a recognized performer in the field of claims investigations. We are the choice of many federal agencies, state governments and insurance corporations when they need experience, innovation, breadth of scope and attention to detail.

Our management team – with over 93 years combined experience handling claims investigations – continues to monitor industry trends to provide our clients every advantage. Our diverse staff of investigators has been recruited for their varied backgrounds and broad range of skill sets. Adept at time-tested methods and armed with the newest technologies, they are prepared to adapt to whatever regional, ethnic or socio-economic environment a case requires. To our clients, this means confidence that every case is approached with the same expectation of success – regardless of location or level of difficulty.

We are your investigator, uncompromising in our commitment to success.


We have the tools, training and perception to assemble links and patterns of raw data into usable information. We have the aptitude and talent to lighten your claims load.

From full investigation to specific SIU assignment, we help mange legitimate claims and ferret out the fraudulent. With DIG as part of your claims process, you increase your ability to deter and prevent flagrant abuses, identify red flags, and investigate discordant details. Justifiable claims are recognized earlier, so more resources can be devoted to prosecuting, sanctioning and seeking remediation from those trying to game the system.

Malingering, abusive and fraudulent claims can result in millions of dollars being paid out in undeserved benefits. There is a lot at stake. Let DIG handle it.


Our rapid response and full comprehension of your request- from inception to delivery- ensures you get all the information you need, when you need it.

Reach our office personnel directly, when you call, email or link through our website or online portal. Our staff is knowledgeable, efficient and ready to start helping you immediately. We complete assignments quickly and without waste.

Time is money. We’ll save you more of both.


When you’re with DIG there’s no such thing as unfamiliar territory.

Coast to coast, our investigators are trained to excel in any surrounding and get the job done in any setting. From high rises to factories, gated communities to trailer parks, office complexes to open fields: with investigators licensed and dispersed throughout the United States, you can count on us to fit in like locals.

Name the place, we’ll be there.dig_rooftop


It’s a point of pride for us that we are undeterred by any challenge. Simply put, we like to prevail where others fail.

We’re relentless in pursuing the information you’re going to need, continually amassing data from and with the claims industry about current “red flag” patters and emerging fraud trends – from the frequency and timing of losses to behavioral and historical markers of claimant and applicants. This dogged effort allows us to interpret your claim in the context of an ever-changing fraud environment.

We keep working for you long after the claim is closed.