Trends in Privacy

The ability to share confidential information securely is still a challenge to many companies. Even when there are policies and practices in place, shortcuts are sometimes taken due to the technology breakdown or time demands: emails get sent from non secure sources and encryption gets skipped.  On the vendor side of things, there is a dynamic at play where the vendor wants to comply with the encryption demands of the Client Company, but not frustrate the Client User with complicated logins and passwords.

The two answers that seem to be dominating the landscape of the industry are when a client company sets up Transfer Layer Security or TLS with vendors.  Email is then automatically secure between the two entities.

All of the larger investigative vendors and most of the intermediate size companies are using a Share Point based case management software that allows the confidential sharing of information, files and video, but does require a client to log in if wanting the information this way.  The down side of this is that with multiple vendors, there are multiple sites and variations to the logins.