Trends in Metrics

Business People In MeetingA chunk of resources for all investigative vendors is now devoted to updates and communications. Gone are the days when an assignment was picked up in a paper file and two weeks later a report submitted.

Investigations are a commodity for insurance companies and competition is being divided into those who can meet time service and communication demands and those who cannot.

There has been push-back from some of the more experienced field investigators who believe that focusing on the speed of report submissions and updates somehow diminishes the ability to conduct a thorough investigation. Their argument is that the results of an investigation can’t be rushed. An investigation takes time. An investigation is an art, with a beginning but no known end. The end occurs when it occurs, like the last brush stroke on a painting. They feel they are like an artist and need to have the control of the time table; otherwise, the investigator is just painting by the numbers. Forcing an investigator to meet exact deadlines somehow compromises their artistic integrity.

Investigative vendors are challenged with changing the mindset of the industry and are begrudgingly adopting the ability to deliver their masterpieces with the paint still wet.

The act of conducting an Insurance Investigation might be an art, but it is sold as a commodity.

The ability to keep schedules, and maintain updates, emails, and reports, is a reflection on a company’s overall handling of creative thinking, planning, organizational skills, and dedication to hard work.

Delivering the results of an investigation to clients is the business of every investigative vendor.