Trends in Accessibility

Access to open files continues with different approaches by vendors and SIU alike- some is too wide of a focus and some is too narrow. Full access to a file by the claims personnel looks at first pass to be the ultimate control mechanism, but the focus is too wide.  Until all the qualifiers are added and the information analyzed it is like the difference of watching the random video of a mall security camera, versus a documentary that has assembled and identified a cohesive narrative of information. Some SIU departments request direct access with the investigator in the field, and though this provides first hand information, it is too narrow of a focus.  It disengages the other resources of the investigative vendor.  The investigator in the field might not know all the alternatives available, as it might be in the best interest of the file to switch investigators for cost savings, logistical purposes, or variation in the investigative techniques being applied.  A conversation with the field investigator will not reveal this as easily or readily as dealing with the management.  Going through management also allows more request and instructions to be thoroughly documented.